About Me

Ananth Prabhu G is  Faculty in the department of Computer Science & Engineering and Master in Business Administration. Currently working in Sahyadri Educational Institutions and also as IT Consultant for VTU, Belgaum and guest faculty at Karnataka Police Academy for Cyber Crime and Cyber Law. He is a motivational speaker, HR Trainer and IT Consultant. Born on Thursday, 3rd of October, 1985 is the only Son of G R Prabhu, Retd Bank Manager and Jaya R Prabhu, Housewife. His parents mean everything to him.


Ananth pursed his studies at the institutions mentioned below:

– Primary Schooling in Rosario School, Mangalore

– Higher Primary and PUC at St Aloysius, Mangalore

– Engineering at PA College of Engineering, Mangalore

– MBA and MTech from Manipal University. Manipal

– Diploma in Cyber Laws from Government law college, Mumbai

– PhD in Computer Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum


He likes singing, music, cars, pens and perfumes. Ananth is  a trained senior grade Tabla Player and can play different percussion instruments. Apart from the above said, he is a profound soul and an ardent follower of Krishna Consciousness since 2002 under the able guidance and blessings of his spiritual guru, Shri. Nama Nishta Dasa Prabhu, BTech, IIT-Kanpur.


There have been few people who are instrumental in making a difference in his life.

Ashwin Naik- Propreitor, Nirmal Infoword for providing him stipend during his Engineering Studies.

Prof. Narendra L Nayak – Chairman, Expert Group of Institutions

Dr. Manjunath Bhandary – Chairman, Sahyadri Educational Institutions

Rajat Bijur – Wealth Management Professional, Mumbai

Anuj Saluja – Software Engineer

Raghavendra G Shetty – Director, Goal Technologies Pvt Ltd

Prof. Harish Bhat – Professor & Hod, Physics, SRPUC, Mangalore

Prof. Yogananda A – Special Officer, VTU

Shri M. V. Mallya – Mahale Associates, Mangalore

Adv. P. P. Hegde – Advocate for High Court, Karnataka

Sri. Sanjay Sahay – Additional Director General of Police, Karnataka

Dr. Ganesh Aithal – Professor and HOD, PA College of Engineering


Apart from the above, there have been few people who have stood by him during his ups and downs.

Raghav Shetty

Anush Bekal

Yathin Shetty

Supreeth John

Tejasvee PM

Waseem Shan

Gopal Reddy


Ananth is an ardent  fan of Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal, Hrithik Roshan and Robin Sharma. He immensely loves his sister, Vasumathi Prabhu Peirera who is a consultant Psychologist at the reputed Manipal Hospital. He is the proud uncle of Nirvan, adorable son of Dr Ryan and Vasum.