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This is a social initiative setup by Mr. Paritosh Vyas and Mr. Ananth Prabhu in order to reduce the inefficiencies in our hospital and blood bank system with respect to availability of blood especially the rare and lesser available blood groups. The process works with the donor registering on the website. Whenever any person is in need of blood he initiates the process by sending an sms to a dedicated number. This sms will then start off the database search of people with that blood type in real time and prospective donors will then be informed the details of the person and their next of kin’s contact details. The donor can then call this person and carry it forward from that point on.




Engineering Branch Selector would help students to gauge their skills and aptitude to avoid any erroneous decision in the choice of an engineering branch. It analyses the potential of the aspirant through 30 questions and enables them to pick the best branch among the available options. This application is the fruit of long research with inputs taken from the student community regarding , and solutions provided in accordance with the experience and knowledge of the finest engineers and academicians. Imagine the plight of a person who has extremely good aptitude for drawing and designing but maybe suffering allergy to chemicals and ending up in chemical engineering as a student and later as a professional. He can only repent for not choosing architecture or civil engineering, which would have opened up newer vistas and fronts.






An initiative co founded by Mr. Raghav Shetty and Mr. Ananth Prabhu G to train the final year Engineering students with regards to campus placements. The programs include – HR Training, Technical Training and Corporate Etiquette and Grooming.  More than 30,000 students have already been trained under the aegis of CITS. Apart from this, CITS imparts free education to students from the weaker sections of the society.



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KCM – Krishna Consciousness Movement, founded by his holiness, Nama Nishta Dasa Prabhu, BTech IIT-K in 2006 is instrumental in spreading the profound knowledge about the sacred Bhagavadgita, Shrimad Bhagavatham and other philosophies of Hinduism.  Ananth Prabhu is the founder member of this organization.