College can be an exciting place, though at times it may become overwhelming and stressful. The Student Counseling Center provides programs and services designed to assist students in achieving emotional well-being necessary for success. Our mission is to help students manage academic and personal demands more effectively. Our approach is encouraging, collaborative, goal focused and culturally sensitive.
Talking to a Counselor would relieve your tensions and thus help you to get back to your feet again. There may be certain issues that are very personal and are interfering with your work and normal functioning. Peer group may sometimes be unable to understand them. Being away from home into a new environment can also put you in a distressing situation at times. A Counselor can help you to feel more comfortable in your new set-up.
Areas of Concern 
– Academics
– Examination anxiety
– Feeling of loneliness / depression
– Interpersonal relations
– Feeling of physical and mental stress
– Family issues
– Career planning
– Adjustment to the new environment
– Selection of the right Course
If you need to discuss any of the above, you may contact the Ananth Prabhu. Click here to schedule an appointment.
All sessions are confidential and no information is released to anyone without your permission. The obvious exceptions to  confidentiality include cases that involve imminent harm and danger to you or to others.