What makes Ananth Prabhu unique and unforgettable is his ability to captivate an audience and deliver viable information in an entertaining way where people actually remember and use what was said.
Areas of focus for training:
An overview of the coaching services include
1.Leadership: Leadership development – Personal leadership, building a value system & developing a personal mission statement. Become a person of influence, thought leadership & charisma.
2. Public speaking: Overcome the fear of public speaking and speak with confidence to any crowd.
3. The art of the debate: Persuade people in the best negotiable environment.
4. Principle Centered Negotiation: Resolve conflicts and reach agreements.
5. Personal Branding: Build a power brand around you and manage your reputation in the online and offline world.
6. Information enrichment: An overall pedagogical approach (through audio visual) to creating empowering world views and thought leadership.
7. Invincible me: Become a person of mission and purpose unaffected by the distractions of this world.
8. Peak performance: Perform at your best by stretching goals and maximizing one’s own potential.
9. Harmonic Life Design: Instead of balancing life, design a life where everything works in harmony to bring in more success and fulfillment.
10. Passion at work: Instead of being overwhelmed by instant success and excessive demands from others, learn to contain and expand success in the most joyful way without sabotaging personal growth & relationships.
11. Energy: Become a person of energy, high vibration, enthusiasm and passion at work through self discovery and self enhancement.
12. Goal Achieving System: Learn systematic ways to design goals and achieve them no matter what the obstacles are.
Ananth customizes every session to your needs, incorporating practical solutions for your challenges and strategies to reach your goals faster.

Why Ananth Prabhu?

Entertaining Motivational Speaker
Recognized as a funny and entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say, what makes Ananth  entertaining is his ability to step beyond the usual power points and graphs that most corporate motivational speakers use to emphasize their messaging. Instead, Ananth reinforces his points with astonishing and jaw-dropping demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as clean humor and audience participation.
Relevant and Empowering Content
For his funny motivational keynote speaker presentations, Ananth is more than just funny and entertaining – he also provides usable and rich content.
Customized Messaging
Ananth works with you to customize his presentation to include messaging you want your group to hear. His unique ability to include your messaging along with relevant content creatively reinforced with amazing entertainment is the reason why Ananth is perfect as a motivational keynote speaker or as a kick-off or wrap-up speaker for any event and for any audience. From customer events, sales meetings, employee events and everything in between – Ananth will “WOW” your group.
Corporate Spokesperson
Using his skills as a corporate entertainer and professional communicator, Ananth is a trade show presenter and spokesperson who uses his skills as a mind reader to attract a crowd and deliver your key messages. Ananth’s sophisticated, yet fun effects go beyond what one would expect from the usual corporate magician or trade show magician. Ananth can help you create a “BUZZ” on the trade show floor, as well as assist you in generating more quality leads and a higher ROI.
The “WOW” Factor
Rarely do you find one person who can captivate an audience and deliver viable information in a way that people actually remember and use what was said.Obviously, there are a number of ways to use Ananth’s services. But the bottom line is this: If you want to provide the “WOW” factor at your next event, then contact one of the best entertaining motivational speakers in the business – Ananth Prabhu!